Why Triathlon Participation is on the Rise



Triathlon, the multi-sport event made up of running, swimming and biking, has seen an increase in participation over the last several years.


Since the first U.S. triathlon took place in San Diego, California in 1974,  athletes have been taking up the challenge and most recently, race organizers have seen a surge in participation.


According to USA Triathlon, their memberships were increasing at a steady 4% between 2009 and 2011. Then in 2012, that rate of annual and one day memberships increased by 5.6% for a record high of over 510,859 total memberships.


At Compex, we too have been working with more and more triathletes, helping them to recover faster and to reach their personal race goals using electric muscle stimulators.


But why the increased interest in triathlons?


While it’s difficult to pinpoint, one overarching reason could be that anyone can do it.


Whether you complete a sprint triathlon (500m swim / 20k bike ride/ 5k run)  or an Ironman race (4k swim / 180k bike ride /full marathon run), there is an immense feeling of achievement after completing a triathlon.


Not only are more adults participating in triathlons, but young people are trying it out as well. According to a report compiled by the Outdoor Foundation, in 2013 the median age of a triathlete was around 30 years old; however, colleges across the country are starting their own triathlon clubs. The clubs compete at  individual conferences against other schools in the fall in order to qualify for the national championship later in the spring. There has also been a tremendous increase in non-traditional or off-road triathlons. These races often switch up events — for example, adding paddling in place of swimming or mountain biking in place of road cycling — appealing not only to athletes but outdoor enthusiasts. Since 2009, participation in non-traditional triathlons has increased 199%.


Maybe the most simplistic reason for the increase in triathlon participation is that there has also been increased interest in healthy living and personal fitness. Racing in a triathlon seems less daunting when you are already an avid runner, a frequent gym goer, or just an all around active person. Triathlons give the fitness focused person a chance to up their game, to challenge themselves and reach new goals. After all, training and competing in a triathlon is definitely a full body workout.


Compex Masters Team wins Nationals!

The Compex Masters Racing team recently won the USATF Cross Country Nationals for the Mens’ 40-49 age group division. The team averaged and impressive 33:20.10. The top masters men’s runner was Peter Magill, 49, covering 10k in 32:36.0. Second was his Compex Racing teammate Christian Cushing-Murray, 43, who ran 32:47.8. Congratulations! usatf-2010-masters-champions-compex-racing1

Read what Olympic Silver Medalist and Ironman World Champion says about Compex…

Active Recovery!
Active Recovery!

Active Recovery & Compex

 I get asked the following question quite frequently…” How have you been able to race so long?” Well if only I knew the answer to that..LOL… But  here is a try at answering it.




For one I really do love what I do. Triathlon is one of the hardest sports to train for. It is very hard to master just one and Triathetes have to master 3 sports.So just when you think you have figured it out there is always something new to master. I am also a huge believer in making sure you recover properly from your workouts. I often tell the other athletes that I coach that Rest is training as well. Yes it is OK to take a day off put the feet up and feel what is like to be like everyone else. Thanks goodness you get to train again tomorrow.

Finally it is the extra little things that really count. For instance I am a firm believer in Massage, ART and my Compex. I must admit I love my Compex the most. I can use it any where whether I am sitting on the couch watching TV, in the car traveling to a race or even laying in bed. Its the easiest form of training. Why? Because you really don’t have to do anything. Can’t think of anything easier than that. Place the pads in the desired areas and I am ready to go.

Michellie Jones

I’m a long time user and believer in Compex. It’s significantly enhanced my ability to train, race and stay healthy. My workout sessions are much more efficient because I can push harder and recover quicker.”


Check out Team Compex!

Compex is dedicated to providing athletes the ability to optimize their workouts to obtain the highest possible levels of speed, endurance, strength, and recovery using state-of-the-art Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) technology. Team Compex is comprised of 50 top age group athletes who primarily compete in the sports of triathlon, running and cycling. They possess a strong passion for their sport and are dedicated to not only representing Compex through their athletic achievements, but also act as brand ambassadors in their local communities. We’re proud of our athletes! Check them out at http://www.teamcompex.com/Team_Roster.htm

It’s not too early to start training for football season

Football Training with Compex Muscle Stimulators
Football Training with Compex Muscle Stimulators

Most football players use the off season to work their bodies so they start the season in optimum condition.  If you’re in the midst of your off-season training, checkout our specialized football training program that incorporate  Compex muscle stimulator programs with your regular training routine.  Adding electrostimulation to your training regimen is one of the best ways for athletes to maximize muscle performance.

You Gotta Have It!

Hey All,

So I have been meaning to write and never do whenever the discussion comes up about training/racing gear. You hear plenty of talk about race wheels, powermeters, heart rate monitors, etc, but more important to racing is hoiw well you recover while training and staying injury free.

Last year I got one of the COMPEX units and the thing is AWESOME. I have used it exclusively for the active recovery. I was reminded just how awesome and versatile this tool is when I started to develop tenderness in my achilles and a big ole knot in my calf. Sound familiar? Too much, too soon. Should be my nickname!!

At the first sign of trouble I started my hot/cold therapy, limited stretching, which is like always the first thing I want to do, and using the TriggerPoint roller. The next day I still had the same thing going on, so I took the day off from running and used my COMPEX in the morning and again in the evening.

I feel 100% different today. I will get in a shorter than scheduled run in, hit the ice when I get back and then use the Compex again tonight. I’ll send an update tomorrow, but the knot is gone and the achilles feels normal. No NSAID’s were used in the production of this email!!

This is a true unsolicited testimonial and I am not compensated by COMPEX. If you are thinking about spending thousands on wheels or a power meter, I would strongly encourage you to think about picking up a COMPEX for less than half the cash and the thing is much more useful. Being able to train better and more consistently is the best tool in your ‘get faster’ kit!!

Have a great day!!

Brian Long
Sea Coast Exclusive Properties

What Masters Swimmer Paul Carter is saying about Compex

“People ask me every day for Compex. As an Elite age group athlete, US Olympic Trials competitor and professional swim coach, I recommend Compex to anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and realize their full potential. I have so much confidence in Compex that I tell everyone that I will personally refund their money if it doesn’t knock their socks off after training with it. I’m amazed at the Active Recovery program and how it enables an athlete to recover so quickly after a strenuous workout. I know there’s a lot of scientific information and clinical studies behind it – I’m not sure exactly how it all works … but it does work!”

Paul Carter
Masters Swimmer Champion