Glute Electrode Placement

Glute Electrode Pad Placement
A stimulation lead wire consists of 2 electrodes:
- a positive electrode: red connection
- a negative electrode : black connection

Follow the pictogram and video to properly position the pads. For the best results, keep to the size of electrode shown in the video/photos/pictograms: large and small. Unless you have other specific medical instruction, always follow the placement directions in the photos. DJO Global, Inc. disclaims all responsibility for electrodes positioned in any other manner.

Individual results may vary. The following video gives a recommendation on achieving a 7/10 when adjusting the intensity. Please note that all progressions selected should be based on the individual's activity level, which will be different for first use compared to continued use. Please be sure to read the user guide completely, and are aware of the progressions based on your activity level.
Please note the electrode pads should always be placed directly onto the skin. Use of the shorts in the video are for demonstration purposes only.