Compex Sport Elite Electric Muscle Stimulator: Shockingly Easy To Use

Check out the review by Steven John from The Manual.  Please note that Steven was provided a device to keep by Compex at no charge, and his opinions in the review are his own. Go to to see this article and more.

First of all, forgive the “shockingly easy to use” pun. I went for the low-hanging fruit, yes; this device does not actually shock you, no. Rather the Compex Sport Elite uses electrostimulation (estim) — brief pulses of electricity transmitted through the muscles via electrode, e.g. — to aid with everything from improved blood circulation to increased muscle mass to faster post-exercise recovery. And yes, this Electric Muscle Stimulator really can do all that, and more. You just have to spend the time to learn to use it properly, and you have to get over the fact that using the Compex EMS is kind of really strange at first.

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Fight Muscle Fatigue with the Latest Compex® Lineup

It’s finally here! On May 8th, Compex® will be releasing a lineup of new colors across all wired devices. The devices themselves will be identical with the best of Swiss technology, but now you’ll have more options in shopping for your first or upgraded device.

The new colors will be:

Recon Green

Tactical White

Seal Black

 Compex  devices are beneficial for the occasional to elite competitor seeking a performance edge or for an exercise hobbyist looking to relieve aches or tightness associated with physical activity as well as to train for those activities.

NMES devices use electric waves to send signals to the muscle to cause an involuntary contraction. Dependent on the frequency of the wave, this effect can be used to help recover or even train the muscle to suit a variety of athletic needs. In Compex devices, preset programs have been engineered to optimize the efficiency of these desired effects with programs ranging from Massage to Active Recovery and Explosive Strength*, among others.

Not interested in fancy colors, but still want a great device at discounted cost? Keep your eye out for clearance discounts on our website leading up to and at the release of the newest devices. The originals will not be reproduced again so get them while they’re in!

*Note: not all devices come with all of the colors, see the comparison chart  for more information.

Compex Recovery: Which Program Should I Use?

The most common use for an electric stimulation devices is in recovery, and rightfully so. An NMES device such as Compex can be used to decrease recovery time by using involuntary muscle contractions and controlled levels of electric pulses to improve blood flow, reduce muscle soreness and flush away lactic build up. But if you turn on a Compex device, there are more recovery programs than just one and knowing how to choose the correct program will further enhance the benefit of using a Compex device.

So which program should you choose?

Active Recovery

This program is also known as the Training Recovery program in the wireless device. This program would be best used immediately post workout and studies have shown that immediate recovery markers are improved by 4.5x when using a Compex device versus a voluntary cool down. Although the program will run for 20 minutes, just 6 minutes of use is enough to be effective in flushing out lactic build up and recovering from “the pump.” This program would be very beneficial in a competition setting or between back-to-back training sessions or events.

 Recovery Plus

This program is also known as Competition Recovery in the wireless device. This program would be best utilized in the hours or days following a physical effort or on “rest day” to reduce muscle soreness or stiffness. This program should not, however, be used during competition.


This program is also known as Muscle Relaxation in the wireless device. This program is a low-frequency electric pulse that will help to relax tight muscles and help restore mobility with increased blood flow and movement. Like the Recovery Plus, this program should not be used during competition.

 Choosing the correct program can help to amplify the efficiency of your recovery between training and competition events. Better recovery equates to higher levels of performance and decreased feelings of fatigue or soreness and can help an athlete advance to the next levels of their potential.

Compex Workout – Friday April 21st

Todays workout begins to develope more Gymnastic Skill development while still testing your general conditioning.  Finish your Friday with Active recovery for your shoulders and mid back.

Metabolic Conditioning

4 Rounds:

2 minute Row @ 60%

2 minutes HS walk /Hold

2 minutes MuscleUps

2 minutes alternating Pistol Squat

2 minute rope climb


Pad Placement:


Program: Active Recovery

Compex Workout- Thursday April 20th

Todays workout is focused on building leg strength and finishing with a high intensity metabolic push. During your squats make sure to focus on accelerating our of the down position. Don’t forget to post your reps in the comments after finishing the workout.


Back Squat 3 x 5

*Focus on speed out of the bottom

Metabolic Conditioning

3 Rounds for Time:

12 Toe to Bar

12 Front Squats @105/75#

12 Broad Jumps (4′)

**8 Minute Cap


Pad Placement: Quads

Program: Resistance

Level: 2

Compex Workout – Monday April 17th

Todays workout is back to the upper body.  Notice in the metabolic conditioning if you can not do muscle ups you can modify the workout with 4 pull ups or 4 diamond push ups.


Push Press 3 x 5

*Focus on Neutral Spine, Ribs down flexing the Quads and Glutes

Metabolic Conditioning

Every 2 Minutes for 5 rounds of::

12 Wallballs @20/14#

8 Burpees

4 Muscle Ups


Pad Placement: Shoulders

Program: Resistance

Level: 2