Performance Training with Compex

Speed, strength, endurance, vertical jump and more. They're the building blocks for any athlete to improve their performance and be great at their sport. Integrate Compex electric muscle stimulation programs into your functional training, and you'll see massive gains in less time than you ever imagined.

Turn it on, Turn it Up


Programs: Endurance, Resistance, Strength and Explosive Strength

Let's get right to it. Don't be intimidated, Compex is simple.

Your new mantra - just turn it on and turn it up. It's that simple. Let me explain.

While you might be intimidated of the function of the product the most important piece to note on the performance programming (Endurance, Resistance, Strength and Explosive Strength) is the following.

If you want to improve a muscle group, take the product apply it to that group as specified in the pad placement guide Use the Endurance, Resistance, Strength or Explosive Strength. During the contraction, the time when the muscles is activated (Indicated by the arrow in the dark line at the top of the screen) turn the intensity up each time. As you get comfortable, increase the intensity each contraction. The higher you go, the more benefit you will get through more complete muscle activation. It's that simple.

Turn it on and Turn it up

Here's an example. If you want to increase strength in your legs. Do your normal workout for legs. Following that workout apply Compex first to your quads, choose your program from Resistance, strength, explosive strength and turn the intensity up with each contraction. Then do the same for Hamstrings.

The next time you do legs, use the Compex on your glutes and calves and cycle through over the coming weeks. If you just do this, you will:

  • Increase strength side to side
  • Increase muscle density in the targeted area where Compex is applied.
  • Reduce chance at injury

This would apply the same way for upper body, abs, back. Simply do your normal workout routine and then supplement by running one of the performance programs of your choosing to your workout. Identify the pad placement for the muscle group you want to use and then run through the program that targets the muscle type you are looking to work.