Electrode Placement and Tips

Use this guide by attaching lead cables or wireless modules to corresponding letters. For example, one wireless module would connect to "A" black and "A" red.

Electrode Tips

Clean and degrease the skin with an alcohol swab or cotton ball with alcohol and then dry it before applying the pads. For hygiene purposes, do not share your pads with others.

When removing your pads from your skin, peel from the side of the pad. Do not pull the pad off by the wire. When you store your electrode pads after your session, make sure to stick them on the transparent plastic film provided. Always adhere the pad to the "on" side of the film. Place the film with the pads back inside the plastic bag, squeeze the excess air out of the bag, and then completely seal it for storage.

Proper placement ensures the best results.

In order to achieve the best results from your Compex, you will need to know the proper muscle stimulation pad placement. Based on the muscle you're looking to train, these pages will specify the proper way to position yourself and the electrodes during stimulation. Watch the videos for a step-by-step explanation below.