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Resistance Program

The preset Resistance program is the most “bang for your buck” among the training programs. By activating both Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fiber types, you can help to maximize the muscle contraction and get the greatest strength gains. Although this program can be used as a stand-alone routine (yes, even while you sit on the couch!) it may be best utilized in conjunction with some body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups, or calf raises depending on what you want to train. By taking your body through range of motion during each contraction, you’ll get even more benefit of the program to help increase your squat, vertical jump, and increase muscle mass!

Active Recovery Program

The moments immediately following a tough workout can be some of the most critical for recovery in a number of ways. Using the Active Recovery program within thirty minutes of your workout can help reduce lactic buildup, muscle soreness and fatigue so that you’re better prepared for the next session. By starting at a higher frequency and gradually tapering down, this program can be used as an effective cool down method.

Recovery Plus Program

In the hours and days following a workout, using the Recovery Plus program will have the most benefit to ensuring your preparedness for the next session. Using a low frequency pulse, this program helps to increase local blood flow back to the muscle tissue to help keep it mobile and fight muscle soreness. A perfect rest day choice, stick on your electrodes for a relaxing weekend as you plan out your next week in how to continue towards your goals.

We know you’re ready to put in work this New Year and Compex is here to help meet your fitness goals. Train, recover and PR with Compex into 2018!

Fuel to Compete: Recovery Nutrition for Athletes

The more experienced I’ve become as a competitive athlete the more I’ve learned to not only recognize, but prioritize, my recovery. As a high school and collegiate athlete, many of these realizations came through anecdotal experience or loose “research” (let’s agree that the magazines at the grocery store checkout shouldn’t be where you look to for reliable advice). Over the years, however, with increased levels of experience, maturity and influence, I’ve fully adopted the respect that recovery is due in a culture overdone and beatdown by unending “hard work.” One of the most significant factors to a lifetime of recovery practice has been through improving and growing in my understanding of the ultimate fuel – nutrition.
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Resistance Program: The King of Gains

Resistance Program: The King of Gains

The researchers behind your Compex® device have been able to create highly effective training and recovery programs using electric stimulation and highlighted the best of technology into the programs you find on your personal device. Each program contains it’s own unique programs but among those used for training, one program stands out: Resistance.

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Compex Workout – Friday April 21st

Todays workout begins to develope more Gymnastic Skill development while still testing your general conditioning.  Finish your Friday with Active recovery for your shoulders and mid back.

Metabolic Conditioning

4 Rounds:

2 minute Row @ 60%

2 minutes HS walk /Hold

2 minutes MuscleUps

2 minutes alternating Pistol Squat

2 minute rope climb


Pad Placement:


Program: Active Recovery

Compex Workout- Thursday April 20th

Todays workout is focused on building leg strength and finishing with a high intensity metabolic push. During your squats make sure to focus on accelerating our of the down position. Don’t forget to post your reps in the comments after finishing the workout.


Back Squat 3 x 5

*Focus on speed out of the bottom

Metabolic Conditioning

3 Rounds for Time:

12 Toe to Bar

12 Front Squats @105/75#

12 Broad Jumps (4′)

**8 Minute Cap


Pad Placement: Quads

Program: Resistance

Level: 2

Compex Workout – Monday April 17th

Todays workout is back to the upper body.  Notice in the metabolic conditioning if you can not do muscle ups you can modify the workout with 4 pull ups or 4 diamond push ups.


Push Press 3 x 5

*Focus on Neutral Spine, Ribs down flexing the Quads and Glutes

Metabolic Conditioning

Every 2 Minutes for 5 rounds of::

12 Wallballs @20/14#

8 Burpees

4 Muscle Ups


Pad Placement: Shoulders

Program: Resistance

Level: 2

Compex Workout- Saturday April 15th

Todays workout is all about conditioning.  Make sure to scan the workout accordingly if you are new to Deadlifts, you can perform KB Sumo deadlifts as an alternative. You can also replace Front Rack Lunges with Goblet lunges if needed. After the workout use the Compex on the low back and hamstrings to recover.

Metabolic Conditioning

5 rnds for time of:

15 Deadlifts @ 95/65#

12 Alt Front Rack Lunges @ 95/65#

100m Farmers Walk @ 53/35#

**18 minute cap



Pad Placement: Hamstrings and Low Back

Program: Active Recovery