Quick Start Tips for Using Your Compex Muscle Stimulator

How to Position Yourself When Using Compex

The positioning varies depending on which muscle group you want to stimulate. Check out the detailed pictures that suggest the positions at the bottom of the electrode placement guidebook.

For programs involving powerful muscular contractions (tetanic contractions), the muscle should always be stimulated in an isometric fashion. Simply place the body part against an immovable object to secure the body from moving during contraction. Example: If you're working the quads, sit in a chair and plant your feet firmly on the ground. As the muscles work, the body will be secure.

Dynamic work should be done without such resistance. For the other types of programs, such as Active Recovery, which do not involve powerful muscular contractions, position yourself as comfortably as possible.

How to Warm Up Your Workout with Compex

It's recommended to warm-up before any training session.

All the programs that involve significant (tetanic) contractions of the stimulated muscles automatically start with a warm-up. On the screen an animated rising convection symbol above the heater symbol will appear.

Note: If the stimulation session is included in a voluntary training session and some voluntary activity immediately precedes the stimulation, you can skip the warm-up sequence. You can delete the animated symbol (see procedure of chapter "Operating Instructions", section: "Personalizing the Program"), and the session will start directly with the specific workout selected without any prior warm-up.

Customize the Intensity to Ensure Your Comfort

To reach maximum effort you want to recruit as many muscle fibers with the Compex device. Select a comfortable level and slowly increase the intensity to a level that is slightly out of your comfort zone, but not painful. Each session, continue to increase the level.

How to Add Compex Electrostimulation During Your Workout.

If you want to use Compex during a workout, it is recommended that the voluntary training be done first followed by the stimulation. This means that the voluntary training is not done on muscle fibers that are already tired. This is particularly important for strength and explosive strength training.

How to Include Compex into Your Training Regimen

It's recommended to give your body at least one full day of rest between sessions if you plan to use stimulation more than two times in a week. For Example:

Three sessions in one week: Do one stimulation session, and rest the next. Continue this pattern.

Six sessions per week: It's suggested to do six consecutive days of stimulation with one complete rest day.

Seven sessions a week: It's recommended to group several sessions together on the same day to leave yourself 1 to 2 days of complete (without stimulation). Do five days of stimulation at the rate of one session per day, plus one two-session day (with at least a 30 minutes of rest between sessions), giving you one full rest day.

Ten sessions a week: Do five two-session days (again with at least a 30 minutes of rest between sessions), leaving you two days of complete rest.

Advancing Through the Levels: Progress Through the Electrical Intensities and Then Through the Levels

The different levels correspond to your progress in training. Give your muscles time to adapt and build strength. You'll see your gains each session.

When beginning a new stimulation cycle, raise the level. It's possible to go up a level during the course of the cycle, but it's recommended to work at the same level for three weeks before doing this.

Do not change levels during an auxiliary or maintenance application, a short intensive or aggressive cycle of three to four weeks.