Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation

Whether you're a weekend warrior looking to speed your recovery or an elite athlete trying to increase vertical jump, Compex devices can benefit you and can help you reach your goal.

NMES has been shown to:

  • Increased Muscle Strength and Density
  • Larger Muscle Size
  • Improved (VO2) Max
  • More Explosive Strength
  • Faster Muscle Recovery

Using pre-designed programs, NMES devices may be beneficial to:

  • Increase vertical jump
  • Develop more muscle strength
  • Recover faster after exertion
  • Enhance local blood circulation
  • Improve core strength

Electro stimulation is not meant to replace your fitness routine, but rather enhance the workouts. Athletes can use pre-programmed workouts on the Compex device to help maximize their training.

*Studies on file